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Hey! I'm Claire, Founder of Pitch & Bloom. 

I'm a creative and commercially minded marketing and sales consultant, passionate about helping creative leaders by adding tangible value to their businesses and careers through tailored, strategic, and intuitive consultancy and coaching.

It's my mission to give creative leaders the confidence, strategies and power to pitch themselves and their service offering, to win new business, achieve their goals – and bloom!

I’ve spent over 10 years working in sales and marketing in creative services.

During that time, I've developed, launched, and repositioned brands and businesses. I have managed processes, people, and pitches for business development and marketing campaigns. And I have honed a broad range of skills that can drive business growth.

Now, I have brought together a team of experts across marketing, sales, and mindset to help you drive business growth for your agency, regardless of your starting point.

We'd love to help you on your journey!

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'I hate being salesy.' Us too! - You're not alone.
And the secret is, you don't need to be. 


Would you like to...

Learn  how to market your business to attract your ideal clients that are the right fit for you.

Identify the marketing and sales strategies that work for you and your business, to make the process easy, stress-free and less overwhelming.

Gain confidence when selling and pitching to prospective clients, without sounding ‘salesy’.

Feel empowered to bloom in your role, level up and achieve your goals. 

Manage up, down and around, to pull in the support you need to make shit happen!

Eradicate Imposter Syndrome.

Identify your blind spots and turn them into opportunities.

Build a pipeline of new business opportunities and convert from cold to hot.

Make your dream of generating great business results a reality.

Feel a new sense of motivation and passion for what you do!

We're here to help you achieve your potential, to work towards your dreams, aspirations and goals, to give you the confidence that YOU are more than capable of generating amazing business results.

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