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Top Tips: How to increase your website conversion rate and drive more enquires!

So, you’re doing a great job with your brand awareness and you’re attracting lots of visitors to your website, but how do you convert visitors into enquires and hot leads?

I am a huge believer in small marginal gains, so let’s explore some areas that you can tweak to help improve your conversion rate and encourage people to get in touch.

What is the data telling you?

This one seems obvious, but a lot of people fail at this very simple first hurdle. If you want to optimise your website for more conversions, then dedicate some time to understanding how users interact when visiting your site.

Using tools such as Google Analytics can enable you to observe user habits and analyse how they behave, all for free!

By gaining a deeper understanding of what content is attracting visitors, where they’re coming from and how they’re navigating around your site you can quickly see what’s working well, not so well, and where these tweaks may be needed.

Do you have a strong value proposition?

You’ve spent the time analysing your data, you have a well performing Lead Generation and Demand Generation campaign in place to drive visitors to your website, but your landing page bounce rate is through the roof and you’re not seeing any conversions – sound familiar?

I’m betting this is due to a poor value proposition that isn’t encouraging your visitors to find out more about your business.

A good value proposition will be an innovation service or feature that makes your company, or product, attractive to your potential clients and customers. But that’s not all, it also needs to be clear, confident and easy to understand, whilst answering these three key questions;

· Does it identify the problem your client/ customer is facing?

· Does it talk about the benefits of your service/ product?

· Does it highlight your competitive edge?

Once you’ve figured out your value proposition, make sure it is prominent on your main homepage and is backed up with relevant examples, testimonials and case studies throughout your website.

Sloppy Copy

Hands up if you’ve spent ages crafting the perfect copy, only to realise that it’s been sent out, posted live or even printed (oh shit!) with a typo?... We’ve all been there - we’re human.

Luckily with website copy, it’s normally fairly quick and easy to amend. But given that this is the platform for you to sell your business, you need to make extra sure that your website copy is clear, it reads well and is completely error free.

Avoid using too much technical jargon and describe your business in a more conversational tone, as if you were talking to a friend.

Use images and videos where possible, as a lot of people will be put off by long-form copy and would much prefer to be shown than told.

People are lazy and will often scan read a website, so highlight key points and make sure you format your paragraphs into nice, short readable chunks. Bullet point or shorten long sentences and paragraphs - this will help readers to stay focused.

And don’t forget who your target audience is. Make sure your tone of voice is appropriate and you’re making them feel as if you’re having a conversation with them. This friendly approach will help encourage more people to get in touch.

What’s your ‘Reason to Believe’?

So, everything is going to plan, visitors are landing on your website, they like your proposition and they’re keen to find out more. This is when you need to give them a reason to believe!

For them to even consider spending their money with you they need to believe and trust that you can do exactly what you claim you can do. It’s time to walk the walk and prove your value proposition. So, what’s the best way of gaining their trust?

Firstly, you need to look the part. Creating a professional image starts with a slick web design. This doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, you may even be able to design and build it yourself. But what’s key is to keep it simple, easy to navigate and mobile friendly.

Let them get to know you and your team. From my experience, a company’s ‘Meet the Team’ page normally always features in the top viewed pages. For companies that work in a ‘people business’ chemistry is key, so don’t be shy. Let people see the face behind the business and don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet either! People are nosey and will want to know a bit more about you, your achievements, your experience etc.

Don’t let your website become stagnant. You need to keep it up-to-date with regular, fresh content that is relevant to your target audience. Consider what your content strategy/plan needs to be and think about content that will help your SEO. Even the smallest efforts in this area can pay dividends in huge overall gains, giving you more credibility and driving better conversion.

Be more obvious

There’s nothing wrong with being obvious and direct with your call to actions.

You need to make it really simple for visitors to get in contact with you, so don’t leave them wondering what to do next.

Take them on a journey, guide them around your website and remind them of how to get in touch, sign up to your newsletter, become a member, download a report, whatever it may be - make it obvious, keep it simple and help them get there within a few clicks.

Consider how you design your website and where your call to action will sit. You don’t want it to be hidden in the footer, or within a drop-down menu. Don’t be afraid to place it boldly up front and centre. The more eye catching you make it, the more chance someone will action it.

…and repeat!

To achieve those small marginal gains, you need to keep repeating this process and fine tuning your website on a regular basis. Yes this is very time consuming, but it is the only way to ensure your website is optimised and has the best chance of driving conversions.

We understand that you don’t always have the time to do this yourself, so if you’re keen to offload some of the stresses and strains of keeping your website up-to-date, optimised and driving enquires, then we’re here to help! Just come and say hello.

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